Quality process in Mars Otomotiv; It continues from product design to the final production process.

ISO 9001: 2008 Total Quality Management studies, which started in 2010, were completed in 2011 and our company was certified by the TUV SUD company in the same year.

Within the scope of ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management, all production processes from raw material inputs to the end of final product production were carefully monitored, targeting minimum error and waste rates, and efforts were made to reduce production costs by taking corrective actions in the light of the resulting data.

In order to adopt the Quality Management system as a common value by all company employees and individuals, great importance has been attached to in-house training and seminar studies, and in this direction, our company’s quality philosophy has been applied to all layers of our company.

It is aimed to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction thanks to the efficiency achieved in production costs as a result of Total Quality practices, increases in production and product quality and healthy feedback processes.

Finally, in 2013; Widely applied by OEM companies in the automotive industry. TS 16949 Quality Management System studies have started, and it is aimed to complete the TS 16949 hardening process in 2014.