Mars Otomotiv constantly pursues its searches in order to be able to produce within the framework of its quality understanding and to have time, labor and cost advantages in tough competition conditions, and strives to bring the technologies needed in this direction.

Our production activities are carried out using production technologies such as Plastic, Metal Processing, Glass, Sheet Metal Processing, Vacuum Coating, Static Paint Systems, Hot Welding, Ultrasound Welding, and in parallel with the developments in our sector, innovations in existing technologies and new production technologies are tried to be integrated into our production system quickly.

With computer-aided design and simulation programs, our product molds can be optically and dimensionally controlled while still in the design phase, and the mold development process of the products is completed with CNC processing and other equipment in the factory.

Acting with the philosophy that the most important criterion of quality production is possible with the use of qualified raw materials, great attention is paid to the selection of raw materials and materials used in the production process, and priority is given to the use of raw materials and materials belonging to world-renowned brands.

As a result of the innovation and efficiency studies carried out within the company, studies on the use of robotic technology in painting systems and assembly parts have been started, and the integration of these systems into our production lines will be completed in a very short time.

Mars Otomotiv; Aware of the importance of cost and efficiency advantages provided by new technology applications under increasingly competitive conditions, it will continue to make necessary technological investments.